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Adtastic Hosting provides internet services such as website design and hosting, internet marketing and eCommerce. In business since 1998 we are passionate about helping you succeed.

About our Founder

Our founder, Thomas Wright has been involved in Internet marketing since the birth of the Internet.

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We specialize in Internet marketing, web analytics, eCommerce and custom website design.

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Text Message Marketing 2.0

We’ve got the best text message marketing platform on the planet, bar none. At $49 a month our text message marketing platform offers more features than just about any other platform out there. …
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The Power of PPC Advertising, Part I

Before starting this post, by way of qualification and disclosure I will mention that I am a Certified Google Partner. This means that I have passed their extensive testing process to become certified…
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What should I budget for SEO?

I’m still a little amazed at people that come to me and ask me to get their (new) website to ranking at the top of the first page of Google and then state they have a budget of $200. I have to e…
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The Power of Web Analytics, Part II

This is a followup to the post we wrote a few years ago about the power of web analytics. In that post we provided some reasoning about why web analytics is important and how no online business should…
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